When you're looking for a dealership that employs only the best of the best, you've found the right place with Vernon Kia. With years of supporting the community with outstanding service, you know you can trust the people that work at our state-of-the-art and conveniently located dealership.

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Ken Watters
General Sales Manager

I met my wife online.  I asked her to marry me seven months after we first met.  We were married three months later.  We just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.

I have two kids, a five year old and an eight year old.  My eight year old daughter was born on December 24, which has made the holiday's that much more interesting. 

Everyone other than myself and my son has blonde hair.  I have dark hair and my son's hair is white. 

I have broken many bones in my life, but the one that stands out the most is breaking my leg while mountain biking.  I went 10 months without being able to put weight on it and had 7 surgeries reconstructing my tibia.  My leg is now completely fine.    

Dionne Loewen
Director of Finance

Dionne was born in Salmon Arm but spent most of her 20s travelling the world before entering the Auto Industry down on the coast in 2001.  She started on the sales floor before working her way up to Finance Manager, taking a short break in 2009 to become a mother to Daniel and then joining the management team at Vernon Kia in 2012.  In her spare time when she isn't being a hockey mom, Dionne loves attending hot pilates and spin classes as well as dancing to live music all over the Okanagan.  She is also mom to Charlie, her Yorkie/Shitzu as well as Stuart and Paige, her matching black cats.

Mark Nicholson
Fixed Operations Manager

Mark and his wife Sheila moved to the beautiful Okanagan from Southern Ontario to join the Vernon Kia team I'm 2017.

Mark has worked in the industry for over 30 years. Most recently, he was awarded Kia's number 1 Part's Manager is Western Canada.

Mark is an big NASCAR fan and have been to a few live races and is hoping to go to some more! 



Dayton Inglis
Sales Consultant

Out of all the sales consultants at Vernon Kia, Dayton has the most experience with both the store and the brand.  Dayton has been a huge part of Vernon Kia's success since 2013.  He has achieved the rank of Master Salesmen by Kia Canada due to his hard work and customer service. 

Outside of Vernon Kia, Dayton likes to spend his spare time with his two daughters at his cabin.  Dayton is known for a few of his traits here at Vernon Kia, most notably his memory.  His ability to recall past events and numbers are uncanny.    

Dayton would also like it to be known that he is much more physically attractive than Dylan. 

Dylan Johnston
Sales Consultant

I'm born and raised in Vernon and have been around car dealerships my whole life. If fact, my first ever job was washing cars in the summer.

I'm an avid golfer and play whenever I can. After work in the summer you'll find me at the driving range working on my wicked slice or trying to fit in 9 holes before the sun goes down.

I lived in the U.K. for 5 years and travelled around Europe whenever I could. One of my favorite memories is working in the Canadian Embassy in London during the 2012 Olympics. I'm always looking for recommendations on where to visit next!

Michael Lizee
Sales Consultant

I have a very large family at home. We thought we had our hands full with 4 kids, until we found out my wife was pregnant with twin boys.  I spend my days off with my wife and 6 kids (Kimberley, Payton, Kadence, Kingsley, Connor and Austin).

I'm a big sports fan and love watching basketball. I follow both the NBA and the NCAA and am crazy about March Madness. When I get some free time, which isn't often these days, I enjoy playing pool. None of kids have managed to beat me yet.

I've been around cars my whole life. My dad was a mechanic and had me in the shop with him as soon as I could hold a wrench. I've been on the sales side of the business, for the last 5 years and my mechanical background has been a great asset.



Rob Killingbeck
Parts/ Service Advisor

Ed Vlooswyck
Master Certified Technician

Ed is a very accomplished mechanic and has been ranked in the top ten in western Canada for many years, including winning the competition outright!

Ed spends his free time enjoying the wilderness by fishing, dirt biking and camping whenever the opportunity arises. He is a huge NHL fan and also plays the game himself.  While he has played many positions, goalie is his favourite!

Nic Freemont
Master Certified Technician

Nick is originally from Terrace BC and has been living in Vernon for the last 16 years. He has been a licensed technician since 2008 but has been working on vehicles for much longer.

He's been married for over 15 years, has a family of three and two Dobermans.

Nick likes to stay active. He's plays men's league hockey, slow pitch and volleyball.

Ryan Taylor

I love living in the Okanagan, and I am always trying to get out and explore new hiking trails.

I'm a big hockey fan. My favourite team is Colorado Avalanche and I still play every week.

On the weekends, I enjoy working on my personal vehicle and project and spend time with my significant other Michelle. We just bought our first home together and love being homeowners.

Brian Austin
Dealer Lot Specialist

Brian is a retired CVSE inspector who is a huge asset to Vernon Kia.  He has a large family with three children and two grandchildren.  Not unlike most Canadians, Brian is a huge hockey fan and thoroughly enjoys watching the Canucks play!

John Agerberg

My wife and I met at a singles dance and were engaged six months later.  We got married after another 6 months and are celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary this year.

I have an amazing attention for detail. In my spare time, I build and detail authentic model cars and airplanes.

I love to travel! On my 55th birthday, my wife and I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast that was in a tree house. Our most recent trip was to Costa Rica!



Jasmine Auger
Sales Administrative Assistant

I am incredibly soft spoken; I always have been. My family has just learned to smile and nod over the years.

I have a silly cat named Nismo (wrong dealership, I know) who has perfected lounging on his bum like a human.

I've lived in Vernon my whole life and have never left the country. I'm hoping to use my passport for the first time before the end of this year!


Arnett Dahlen
Parts Consultant

I live on 160 acres of land and spend as much time as possible on my quad exploring all of it. My husband and my dog 'Big', love the acreage just as much as I do.  I love the summers here in the Okanagan for the fishing, boating and golfing.  When I'm not doing that, I spend my time in my beautiful growing garden!

Hayley Hunter

I am a huge volleyball fan and I have played volleyball for 16 years. Started when I was 9 years old.

I am originally from Prince George, and moved to Vernon in 2017.

My favorite season is Summer, which is why I love living in the Okanagan.